About Us

About Us

Today, there are numerous convenience foods available in the market that can be consumed directly or cooked as per requirement. An instant or semi-prepared food saves the time of users and delivers market standard output. To support the market with high-quality and variety of convenience foods, Mothi Small Millet Foods has been working as a manufacturer & supplier. Although, there is huge diversity in a range of convenience foods, we are known for fulfilling the demands of Small Millet Based Cookies, Jowar Flakes, Millet Dosa Mix, Millet Chapati Mix, Millet Health Mix, Millet Cereal, Natural Jaggery Health Mix, etc.

We have been supplying the finest quality of food products in the market that are delicious in taste, easy-to-use and easy-to-store. One can easily rely upon the quality of our products as it is suitably packed and quality assured. That's how we have build a wide network in the market which appreciates & vouch for the quality of our products & services. By consistently serving our food products for almost one & half decade, we have achieved epitome of success in our work domain.     

Cook Healthy With Our Fresh Products

With our pure efforts to ensure the delivery of each food item in its freshest condition, we are following the most effective methodologies. Our quality control experts are delivering a range of food products that ensure the cooking of healthy & fresh food items. Each item such as Small Millet Based Cookies, Millet Dosa Mix, Millet Health Mix, Millet Chapati Mix, Jowar Flakes, etc. is tested for its taste, quality and other attributes such as nutritional values. Stored under the suitable temperature and provided with the air tight packaging, each product serves for a longer life span. These products contain all required flavors, tastes, etc. which makes the ultimate food very delicious and healthy.  

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving the market for a long period of time and attained a sustainable growth in customer base since our day of establishment. The reasons why our customers have faith in our products & services are: -
  • We provide the quality assured, fresh & hygienic food items
  • We follow customer-oriented work approaches for servicing
  • We ensure the fulfillment of each made promise in given time
  • Our food products meet all national standards as per authorization. 

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Plot No.5, Chinna Thathampatti, Virudhunagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 626001, India